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GRIPALITE ™ Deluxe Pencil Grip

New and improved, expandable pencil grip that fits pens, crayons, markers and paint brushes

The pen and pencil grip that corrects your finger position as you write! Made in Australia with a pliable plastic that bends and moulds to fit any size pen, pencil, crayon, marker, paintbrush or quill. Pop the grip into warm water and the plastic will stretch to any sized writing utensil.
GRIPALITE ™ Deluxe is an easy to use and inexpensive writing aid that is ideal for young children learning to write.

             Soft Triangular Shape                 

GRIPALITE ™ Deluxe has other applications that may surprise you;

  • Improves writing posture in children and students
  • Reduces writer fatigue and develops good writing habits
  • Makes delicate writing & sketching, easy and more enjoyable
  • Aid for arthritis or rheumatism sufferers and for people recovering from hand injuries
  • Highly recommended by teachers

Writing Posture

Parents, Educators and Doctors have long stressed the importance of good writing posture and have known that the first thing is to teach children to grip their pencils properly. One of the main reasons why many children have writing problems is because pencils aren't made with fingers in mind. The child should grip the pencil gently with the thumb, index finger and the middle finger. Three sides form a triangle but most pencils and pens are hexagonal or round so children compensate. They hold a pencil at its cone-shaped tip so tightly that their knuckles turn white or they tuck their thumb under their index finger to form a vice-like grip. Some children place their index finger higher on the pencil and invite the ring finger to join into a four finger clamp. Thus fatigue quickly occurs and penmanship deteriorates.


GRIPALITE ™ Deluxe helps overcome these problems: 

  1. Its triangular shape separates the functions of the three writing fingers in such an easy and natural manner that it is almost impossible to hold the pencil incorrectly.
  2. When placed about 12-25mm above the tip of the pencil, the bottom edge of the Gripper acts as a reminder if the child's fingers stray too close to the point.
  3. GRIPALITE ™ Deluxe increases the bulk of the pencil without substantially increasing its weight. This is very helpful to children and adults who must do a lot of writing because it makes it more relaxing to do so.
  4. The writing surface should be at elbow height when sitting upright and the paper angled so that the edges are parallel with the forearm of the writing hand. Many educators and eye doctors recommend a slanted writing surface. The GRIPALITE ™ Deluxe shape prevents the pencil from rolling off slanted surfaces.
  5. The GRIPALITE ™Deluxe fits on larger writing implements up to 12mm in diameter. It will slide up and down and over the sharp tip to protect against self injury and helps prevent staining of clothes.        

          writing_with_gripalite.jpg               display_with_pen_and_pencil.jpg                      

GRIPALITE ™ Deluxe comes in a funky see-through transparent X-Ray Green.

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