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Micador Tempera Paint Refill Disc-Red

Tempera paint is soft to use and flows easily from the brush. This red paint disc measures approximately 57mm in diameter and is 18mm thick.
Ideal for use in the home or classroom. Also available in eight different colours in single and six packs.

Product Code: WCD5


     Tempera Paint Refill Pack of 6 Assorted

         tempera_orange_single_sml.jpg                                   tempera_purple_single_sml.jpg

        Tempera Paint Refill-Orange                  Tempera Paint Refill-Purple

          tempera_black_single_sml.jpg                                  tempera_blue_single_sml.jpg 

        Tempera Paint Refill-Black                       Tempera Paint Refill-Blue

           tempera_green_single_sml.jpg                                  tempera_yellow_single_sml.jpg 

           Tempera Paint Refill-Green                      Tempera Paint Refill-Yellow

                              tempera_red_single_sml.jpg                                   white_sml.jpg                    

          Tempera Paint Refill-Red                       Tempera Paint Refill-White

           tempera_orange6_sml.jpg                                         tempera_purple6_sml.jpg

           Tempera Paint Refill-Orange 6 Pack         Tempera Paint Refill-Purple 6 Pack

            tempera_black6_sml.jpg                                         tempera_blue6_sml.jpg

                Tempera Paint Refill-Black 6 Pack              Tempera Paint Refill-Blue 6 Pack

           tempera_green6_sml.jpg                                          tempera_yellow6_sml.jpg

              Tempera Paint Refill-Green 6 Pack           Tempera Paint Refill-Yellow 6 Pack

                 tempera_red6_sml.jpg                                          tempera_white6_sml.jpg

                   Tempera Paint Refill-Red 6 Pack             Tempera Paint Refill-White 6 Pack






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